iJord4n is a rapper and engineer from Toronto, ON, Canada. He began writing poems at the age of 10 and songs and by 12 started rapping for fun at the age of 14 which led to him realizing his passion for entertaining. When he was 16 he realized he wanted to spend his life in the music industry, so he started to focus on perfecting his craft as a musician.

   As years went on he realized how cutthroat the music industry had gotten and decided to attend school for Audio Engineering in hopes of learning how to not only write and perform but produce his own songs and albums.

   iJord4n finds inspiration for his music all around him; his life experiences and dreams which align with his aspirations to make music that is a true representation of himself - his past, his present, and future. His mission is to create music people can enjoy and relate to as he strongly believes Music is a universal language in which society can all come together, enjoy and express themselves.

   His biggest musical influences are 2PAC, Notorious B.I.G, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Hopsin, Bow Wow, Dr. Dre, and Sean Combs, which have all contributed to his musical style and journey. His goal as a musician is to create music people can enjoy because to him, Music is a universal language in which we can all come together and enjoy.

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